ColourPop Concealer Review

I have been using this concealer for a couple months...actually bought this launch day! So without any more delay, here is my little review!! No Filter Concealer ($6): I bought the shades Fair 05 and Light Neutral 15 just to have some color options. Plus, I wanted to see if these would work well as … Continue reading ColourPop Concealer Review


New Wet n Wild Holiday Brushes!!!

I am obsessed with Wet n Wild...#notsponsored...and couldn't say no to these brushes! Their white and pink line are so soft, durable, affordable, and get used daily! I honestly own four of the eyeshadow blending brushes because they work so well and cost me one little old dollar!! Ok, back on track to these new … Continue reading New Wet n Wild Holiday Brushes!!!

Pixi :Review & Swatches

I have never used any makeup product from Pixi before this palette and oh my goodness it's amazing!! Seriously feel like I have been living under a rock! Even my sister who never wears makeup commented on how great this brand is and how long she has been a fan of now I feel … Continue reading Pixi :Review & Swatches

New Too Faced Peaches and Cream: Review & Swatches

After about a year of being less than thrilled with Too Faced's newer launches, this peach line got me sooooo excited!! I didn't buy everything, but tried to get items that made the most sense to review! A quick back story: I started using Too Faced 6 years ago while stationed down in Texas and … Continue reading New Too Faced Peaches and Cream: Review & Swatches

NYX Liquid Suede 22 Shade Swatch!!

Since these babies have been out for a good while, this is more of a swatch than review post! Actually that is a lie...I love to babble, so here are my thoughts!!! Ok, I originally bought Soft Spoken last fall and fell in love! It was a bit on the brown side compared to my … Continue reading NYX Liquid Suede 22 Shade Swatch!!

Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Balm: Review & Swatches.

I know reviewing a lip balm might seem a little odd...but these balms are like no other!! Top to Bottom: Tell, Play, and Love. Gel Lip Balm ($2.99): These little gems come in 7 shades and...being the wise consumer that I am...decided to pick up three. Wasn't really sure what to expect, but I love me some Wet n Wild, … Continue reading Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Balm: Review & Swatches.