Luzern La Defense Urban Protection Review

Who’s ready for a skin care review?!?

Before we begin, Luzern was kind and sent me a few items from their Urban Pollution Protection Line for review. These products were formulated to help combat the negative effects of urban life have on our skin. You can read more on their line here!!! 

The beautifully thing about Luzern is that they are a clean, cruelty free, paraben free, and toxic 12 free company. So no matter what items you pick up from them, they are made with the highest of quality! 

La Defense Urban Protection


I of course do not have the capabilities of proving or disproving the claims of protection from pollution or blue lights. I can say that my skin does look and feel healthier after using these products.

I feel this line performed wonderfully. My skin is really sensitive, prone to breakouts, and just all around hard to deal with. So, unfortunately a few items didn’t work well on my face. Not saying they are bad products, but everyone has different skin and experiences with skin care.


Urban Protect Day Lotion ($80): The lotion was great! No issues with breakouts, worked well to hydrate, and I noticed a nice healthy glow to my face after the first week of use. The formula is lightweight, wore well with makeup, didn’t look greasy when worn alone, and had a soft, slight cucumber melon scent to it. 


Urban Protect Mineral Sunscreen ($55): The sunscreen did a great job of protecting my face from the sun, worked nicely with makeup, didn’t notice any scent, and the texture wasn’t thick or sticky but had slightest bit of tackiness to it. It did cause a few clogged pores on my chin, but nothing terrible and was easily fixed with a little extra exfoliating.


Urban Protect Detox Mask ($72): The face mask was too rough for my sensitive skin, unfortunately most masks are so I can’t really complain. The first use only had a bit of tingling, the second use caused my face to turn bright red with some crazy heat radiating off it, and the third use was sensitive as well. My skin did look beautiful and clear after the redness dissipated, but I did experience breakouts a day or so after each use due to irritation. 


Urban Protect Micellar Water ($45): I love the cleansing water! I had no issues with this product! It cleans away dirt, grim, and makeup gently plus has a nice, soothing spa like scent…super refreshing!! 

So overall I think the products performed well. Unfortunately their mask didn’t work out for my face and though the day lotion is lovely, my face is really dry and requires something with a bit more moisture. 

I hope this helps you make a wise purchase and that’s really what I strive for with these reviews! So if you found this useful please follow my Blog and Instagramalso hit those share buttons!!

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