Luzern La Defense Urban Protection Review

Who's ready for a skin care review?!? Before we begin, Luzern was kind and sent me a few items from their Urban Pollution Protection Line for review. These products were formulated to help combat the negative effects of urban life have on our skin. You can read more on their line here!!!  The beautifully thing … Continue reading Luzern La Defense Urban Protection Review


Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Review

Oh sweet, sugary goodness this is a satisfying face scrub!! I am not even gonna wait for the end of this review to profess my love from the top of Big Rock Candy Mountain!! Let's get into this, my little sugar lumps!!! Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam ($14):  Quick background on my face:  forehead/cheeks are dry nose/chin … Continue reading Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Review

NYX Cleansing Salt Scrub Review

My love of salt is borderline abysmal, like it puts the depths of Challenger Deep to shame. I need salt in my food, hair products, body scrub, on my margarita glass, and now NYX has given me a briny little face scrub!!! I consider myself a mermaid, not for beauty reasons but because I am so freaking salty!!! … Continue reading NYX Cleansing Salt Scrub Review

Hey Honey Come Clean Face Scrub and Take It Off! Peel Mask Review.

This little duo popped up on Ipsy Offers for $25 and I had been wanting to give the brand a try, so figured this was my sign! If you don't check out Ipsy's offers you should because they have daily bargains and discount codes from mainstream and indie beauty brands. Alright back to Hey Honey!! Take It Off! Exfoliating … Continue reading Hey Honey Come Clean Face Scrub and Take It Off! Peel Mask Review.