Tarte Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation Review

So after months of testing…and loving…I feel it’s finally time to share a review!!

And by months, I mean 8 of them!!

Not even gonna lie, the first week of using this foundation I hated it with a fiery passion. That smug glass jar looked so inviting as it called for my beauty sponge to take a little dip in that rich, pigment only to turn me into a creature from the black lagoon. As I was sharpening my pitch fork, it dawned on me that maybe I was using a teensy bit too much product.

Shocking as it might be, even your self-proclaimed-beauty-critic-expert makes mistakes…it’s extremely rare though! <Insert sarcasm here> 

Seriously though, this foundation only needs the smallest amount to give the most amazing, dewy full coverage a dry face girl could ask for! People, I mean DEWY!!! If you have oily skin, this will not do you any favors…my poor sister looked like a melting Barbie after wearing this for an hour!!

I love this foundation and find it works well in humid climate and lasts throughout the day. This isn’t going to work for every skin type because the finish will make oily faces look sweaty…sounds unpleasant but I witnessed it first hand! Also, you really need to watch how much powder you add-on top of this. Because of the gel formula, it can absorb the powder and things will look a bit funky.

Wow this stuff sounds way more complicated than it is!!!


Shade Fair-Light Neutral ($39): comes in 18 shades. 

So to recap:

  • This foundation is amazing for normal to dry skin
  • Offers medium to full coverage
  • Gives a beautiful, dewy finish
  • Go easy when using powders
  • LESS IS MORE!!!! 

I hope this helps you make a wise purchase and that’s really what I strive for with these reviews! So if you found this useful please follow my Blog and Instagram, also hit those share buttons!!

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