Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Review

Oh sweet, sugary goodness this is a satisfying face scrub!! I am not even gonna wait for the end of this review to profess my love from the top of Big Rock Candy Mountain!!

Let’s get into this, my little sugar lumps!!!


Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam ($14):  Quick background on my face: 

  • forehead/cheeks are dry
  • nose/chin have larger pores that get clogged and also oily
  • hormonal breakouts occur around my chin/lower cheek region
  • my skin is sensitive!  

This little scrub is really interesting. The sugar is fine and great for exfoliating, but it melts! Like full on melts into your skin with every circular motion. So you start off with this gentle scrub and end up with a foam cleanser that is slightly slippery. It’s like a science experiment in your shower!

My skin has problem areas and this does an amazing job of cleaning while still being gentle. It’s rare to find any skin care product, high or low-end, that can accomplish what this scrub is able to do. It leaves my face soft and smooth, but without that tight feeling. This does have a light lemon fragrance, but didn’t bother my skin and was rather refreshing!! Like with any face scrub, make sure your face is wet when using or it will cause some discomfort.

So, I don’t really have much else to say…guess this is goodbye?!? If you have tried this or any other Skinfood products, please share your experience with us!!

I hope this post will help you make a wise choice and that’s really what I strive for with these reviews! So if you found this helpful please follow my Blog and Instagram, also hit those share buttons!!

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