ELF Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Collection: Review & Swatches

Where do I even begin?!?

I picked up some of ELF’s newer products a couple of weeks ago and have been dealing with writer’s block on how to type up this review! I was just going to break my initial posts into sections, but realized I own almost all their Beautifully Bare products, so it seemed logical to devote a whole post to this line!

I reviewed a few other new releases if your are interested...click here to see that review.


Luminous Matte Primer ($8): This is a great primer! It didn’t make my oily nose matte, but did help with the shine for a good 4-5 hours and did brighten my face up without the use of glitter! The texture is on the thicker side, but is easy to apply and didn’t tug on my skin. My makeup does apply and look more even when using this primer and my skin feels like velvet!


Light Weight Concealer Stick ($4): This is a stiffer cream but does blend out nicely with both a brush or beauty sponge. The formula works well with liquid foundation for fuller coverage, but also performed nicely with powder foundation for a no makeup look. 

It does have a slight peachy, yellow tone which helped to cover up the moderate redness around my nose along with hormonal breakouts. It did a fairly decent job with the under eye circles and veins on my eye lids, if you have crazy dark circles a good color corrector is still needed.

This lasted well throughout the day, even through a rain storm but will come off if you touch your face a lot…I know it’s a bad habit! Overall this is a good concealer, but those with dry skin need to take the proper precautions to help with blending, creasing, and catching on dry patches. Those with oily skin, this did breakdown around my nose around the 5 hour mark.


Sheer Tint Finishing Powder ($6): This is an average finishing powder, it’s smooth and melts nicely into the skin. It did a decent job of mattifying my oily nose, but did cling to a few of the dry areas on my forehead and chin on days I didn’t exfoliate or use an intense moisturizer. This is a nice option if you have normal skin, need something light weight and affordable.


Smooth Matte Eyeshadow ($4): I picked up the shade Blushed Rose a while back and it took some time to appreciate the formula! This has a mousse constancy, so if you just glob this on your lid straight from the tube it will crumble!

I highly recommend you lightly dab this on and then use your finger or a shadow brush to cover the desired area. One layer gives a nice flush of color and two offers a bolder look, but remember that less is more! there was some fading by the end of the day but it was uniform and not in patches, so it didn’t look terrible!


Natural Glow Face Palette ($8): This palette lives up to the ‘natural bare’ title and that isn’t always a good thing! I am a pale-faced lady and had trouble getting color pay off from this quad. The highlight and bronzer were great for the subtle but put together look. The blushes hardly showed up on me at all! I had to go in 4-5 times with both shades to get any color pay off and that just isn’t acceptable!

The powders do perform well when it comes to blending and last through most of the day especially with a setting powder. ELF face powders do have a tendency of fading after 5-6 hours depending on how active you are. Bottom line, if you are fair-light and love natural makeup this is great, but everyone else be careful.


Satin Lipstick ($5): I have the shade Touch of Nude and really like it. The majority of ELF’s lips products do fade after a few hours or with eating/drinking, which some people don’t enjoy but I am not bothered by it.

This lipstick gives a beautiful nude flush to the lips without looking too nude. I use 1-2 swipes to let a bit of my natural lip color come through and feel it works best this way. It is a sheer formula, so layering too much on creates a thick, streaky mess! This is a great way to add some no fuss color to the lips! (The first finger in has one swipe of lipstick and the pinky finger has 6 swipes)


Cheeky Glow ($4):  I have Soft Rose and Soft Peach, both of which are beautiful! They have a great cream to powder formula, blend well, have decent color pay off, the formula is buildable, and lasted well through the day. 

You can use your finger or a stipple brush for application and the blush went on over my foundation/setting powder without moving the products underneath. They build up slowly, which is great for the ‘beautifully bare’ look but you do get nice color pay off the more you apply. These look so good with the blushes from their Natural Face Palette and really take those powders up a notch! (First finger of each shade has been sheered out, while the second finger has been built up to show color payoff.)


Lip Tint ($5): I have Sheer Berry and Pretty Pink Please, both shades are beautiful but the formula is that of a sticky lip gloss.  They do leave behind a faint tint on the lips, which I noticed more in the Berry shade. These have the signature sweet smell/taste that many brands have in their lip products nowadays.

I am not a fan of the applicator, it’s oddly shaped, gets product all over my mouth, and there is no control of the gloss flow so it just leaks out while you are applying. These are pretty, but average and there are better glosses on the market.

I hope this post will help you make a wise choice and that’s really what I strive for with these reviews! So if you found this helpful please follow my Blog and Instagram, also hit those share buttons!!

All items were purchased by myself and links are not affiliated. The ELF icon on the upper right side of screen is affiliated if you choose to use it!


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  1. highstreetbeauty11 says:

    Really interesting and useful review. Thanks for sharing!


    1. sugarkis87 says:

      Thank you so much for reading and hope it was helpful for you!!!


  2. Danielle says:

    Great review! xx


    1. sugarkis87 says:

      Thank you so much!! Your feedback really means a lot to me!!


  3. Those cream blushes look nice! I’ll have to check them out!


    1. sugarkis87 says:

      I love cream blushes and these are really good. They add the perfect flush of color and don’t look clownish!


  4. xoxsarai says:

    I will definitely be buying some of these products! Great review!!


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