ELF Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Collection: Review & Swatches

Where do I even begin?!? I picked up some of ELF's newer products a couple of weeks ago and have been dealing with writer's block on how to type up this review! I was just going to break my initial posts into sections, but realized I own almost all their Beautifully Bare products, so it seemed logical … Continue reading ELF Cosmetics Beautifully Bare Collection: Review & Swatches


TAM Beauty Haul!!!

As a red-blooded American, I want what I can't have especially if another country has it! So when I saw all this cute makeup on Instagram and noticed few things looked suspiciously like some higher end products that I already own, placing an order was a no brainer! Let's take a look at the loot!! I Heart Makeup: Go … Continue reading TAM Beauty Haul!!!