Project Pan March to April: Review and Results.


Project Pans are a blessing! I have a hard time finishing items, not because I own a ridicules amount of crap, but because it’s a weird quirk. I am not sure why, just once a product starts to dwindle it triggers my brain to abandon the bottle and move on to something shiny-n-new!! 

It might be boredom or a fear of saying goodbye, either way project pans keep me sane!!

So here are my results…or lack of…along with some reviews!! Dang, 4 mask reviews in one post, you guys better be feeling loved!! (Insert love emoji of your choice)

Left is Before and Right the After. I Know it looks like nothing happened but these masks take a long time to  go through! I did a good 13 masks between the 4 of them!!!


June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque: I really recommend buying the little jar and giving this mask a moment of your time!! Seriously, this stuff last forever! You don’t need a lot because the formula melts down like coconut oil or butter…sweet, creamy butter. This smells like a tropical, summer lotion and feels so good on the skin. My face is sensitive and prone to redness, but this mask adds moisture and softness to my face along with brightening my very dull completion.

I am trying really hard to think of a mask that out performs or compares to this one!!

Josie Maran Whipped Mud mask Lavender Citrus: This is another great one and pairs nicely with June Jacobs. It has a smell that takes me back to my childhood but it’s hard to place. Kind of a sweet multivitamin smell that I think is similar to the old school chalky Flintstone Vitamins…you know the ones I am talking about my 80’s & 90’s kids!! 

Ok, so it smells different not bad.

Performance wise it gives your face this soft, peppy freshness that is much-needed after the chilly winter months. It didn’t irritate my skin or cause any discomfort, although it does get a bit stiff and tight once dried like most mud masks. I had my jar opened a few months before using it again and even with the screw lid being secure the mask dried out and had to add distilled water to make it pliable again. Towards the end I added the Silver Powder by Mario Badescu to the jar for a little added potency and the combo is amazing!! (Note I bought mine in a set.)

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask: I wasn’t really impressed with this the first round and only kept going for the sake of the pan. By the second use I noticed a difference in my face and can honestly say that this mask adds some luminosity to the skin!

Peel off masks always seemed gimmicky to me, yeah they pull off the top layer of dead funk put don’t really get deep down and are painful to take off. This isn’t the most pleasant mask to remove and won’t get the gunk out of my pores like a good old fashion Biore Strip, but it does remove a far amount of debris and really does add a glow to my skin unlike a good majority of masks.

You just feel really clean and alive after using this bad boy!

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask: I own the larger size of their Cucumber Gel and recommend buying the tiny jars because they seriously have no end! This mask isn’t one that I noticed any huge difference in terms of looks but more so the feel of my skin. I reach for these during the winter when my skin gets really chapped and in the summer when it’s taken a beating from the elements. 

This mask is refreshing and perfect for those days when your face just needs a break!!

Random Addition

The Becca Backlight Filter Primer sample isn’t a mask, but is really good and wanted to use it up so I could buy a full size but didn’t get too far. I have been trying a lot of primers and strobe creams this month so can’t really fault my efforts! Still going to use it in between testing days and days that I need the no makeup glow!!

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