Beauty Bakerie Whipped Lipstick Review

Well my dears, it was late one Black Friday night when this overwhelming urge to buy more lipsticks came over me and Beauty Bakerie was having a sale!!

Now here we are with four little beauties just waiting to be reviewed!


Lip Whips from Top-Bottom: Bubblegum Crisis, Syruptitious, Sakura Delight, and Mon Cheri. ( $20 each)


So these liquid lipsticks claim to be smudge proof, water proof, coverage in one swipe, and should last all day. Is this true? Yes!! I am normally not a fan of the non-transfer matte liquid lipsticks because my lips are naturally dry and most are uncomfortable, but these were comfortable and extremely user-friendly.

I did four tests applications: applying without exfoliating or moisturizing, applying after exfoliating and moisturizing, applying with lip liner after prepping lips and using a lip liner with non prepped lips.

With out prepping lips or using a lip liner they did wear off on the inner portion of my lip and took  a lot of scrubbing to remove from the rest of my lips. With prepping my lips they lasted throughout the day with a slight amount of overall fading and did take some scrubbing to remove at the end of the day. With a lip liner and prepping they worked amazing, lasted throughout the day and were much easier to remove. Finally, with no prepping and using a lip liner I still experienced the fading on the inside of my lips but removal was easier.

Final Thoughts 

I really love these! They aren’t drying, offer great coverage, and the constancy is thinner so makes them extremely comfortable. When used probably they wore beautifully, even with eating and drinking. They do have a slight tacky feeling at first, but it goes away after 5-10 minutes and they do layer wonderfully if you need to reapply later in the day.  These are well worth the money and will be purchasing more in the near future!!

Thank you for reading my review and hope you are having a wonderful day!!! Feel free to follow me here and on Instagram! 

All items were purchased by me but links may be affiliated. My review is honest and I am not here to make money off anyone! Please enjoy this little cupcake swatch!! 




  1. I love these colors. I heard so Much about this company.
    Thank you for the swatches it really helps us see the colors and for your review.


  2. Wow such beautiful swatches!! Thanks for hosting your most recent giveaway by the way, how exciting!! My IG name is @mariseeezy :))


  3. I always wanted to try these lipsticks but I was a little hesitant. After reading I’m so going to buy❤ IG @thecla.coronata


  4. Such vibrant colours, especially Mon Cherie and Sakura Delight. The packaging is very eye-catching. I will definitely check them out. My IG is @oceansunrise8


  5. Loved the review like how you used different methods to fully review these liquid lipsticks and also loved the cupcake
    (☕🍰) sorry no cupcake emoji 😝 my IG: yanii0322


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