My First Project Pan: Too Faced Edition

I was invited to join a 5 in 5 Project Pan on Instagram and realized while searching through my makeup, the Too Faced hoard desperately needed to be panned!!

These products are coming up on expiration and while I will be sad to see them go, more room needs to be made in my Too Faced drawer! The project is running from Jan. 01 to Feb. 04, so we are already 11 days into this. 

Let’s go panning for some sweet Too Faced gold!!


Milk Chocolate Soleil: I am now able to see the second ring!


Amazing Face Vanilla Creme: I am now able to see the second ring on this pan as well!!


Candlelight Illuminating Powder: It is hard to show in a photo, but there is an indention in the powder and I can make out the rings in the pan.


Absolutely Flawless Concealer: Will be replacing this with their new concealer because it has gone bad and caused breakouts! I have been using the Born This Way almost daily and not able to measure use at this time.


Melted Metallic Macaron: Have only used a few times so far and probably won’t know progress until it’s actually empty!


*Extra* Chocolate Bar Palette: Alright, I am not trying to hit pan on this but make an effort to use it more. Seriously, I hadn’t touched this in like 6 months!

So, other than showing you my items and their current progress not sure wha else to say!

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading my blog!! Feel free to follow me here and on Instagram!! 


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