Pixi :Review & Swatches

I have never used any makeup product from Pixi before this palette and oh my goodness it's amazing!! Seriously feel like I have been living under a rock! Even my sister who never wears makeup commented on how great this brand is and how long she has been a fan of them...so now I feel … Continue reading Pixi :Review & Swatches


Pixi Skintreats Peel & Polish Review

It's the middle of summer, which means the days are hot, sweaty, and dirty...the perfect pore clogging cocktail!! So what better time than now to review a skin care product?!? Pixi Peel & Polish ($24):  At first I though this was going to be a peel off face mask, but surprise its a face scrub!! … Continue reading Pixi Skintreats Peel & Polish Review