Bad Habit After Collection: Review, Swatches, & Huda Obsessions Dupe!?!?

Well my little lovelies, today’s posts is gonna be a little long!! We have four Bad Habit palettes to review and compare them to the Huda!!!

So, I’m gonna talk about the palettes as a whole first, then go through each one quickly, and end things with the dupe discussion. I do have a review on the Huda Mauve Obsessions Palette that you can check out by clicking HERE!!

Clockwise: After Dark, After Party, After Shock, & After Hours.

These palettes are for sale on for $10 each or you can buy the bundle of all four for $30…which is the route I went with since my lack of self-control is becoming a problem!

I am gonna cut to the chase and say that these palettes are a great value at $10!!! The shadows are VERY soft, so using a primer and doing your eye look first is highly recommended! These do have nice pigmentation, but because the formula is so soft I found that using a smaller brush to lay down/build up the product first and then going in with a fluffy brush worked best and lessened the chances of a look getting to “muddy”.

Now some of the shadows did perform better than others and I will discuss that with each individual palette below!! Please know that the same hit and miss quality, soft shadows, and fall out did occur with my Huda palette…so don’t think paying more means anything!!

After Dark Palette.

I felt like this palette was one of the best in terms of performance. The shadows are soft but had the least amount of fallout and all the shades performed well! This is my personal favorite and was actually the one I was least excited to try…warm tones don’t always look the best on me! No complaints from me!!

After Party Palette.

Another lovely palette and great for the more dramatic smokey eye looks!! There was  fallout with this one as well, but color pay off is great and the shimmer shades are beautiful!! The only two duds for me would have to be the silver shimmer, it is so chunky and has no pay off, and the black, it has a rich color but is so soft and made a mess of things…if they could press it firmer or make a little creamier it would be perfect!

I think this is a great palette if you buy it with the bundle, but on its own just know that those two shades were tricky and you might not get a lot of use from them.

After Shock Palette.

Hello bright eyes!!! This palette is so much fun!!! Again, soft formula with fallout and using a primer or white base is really needed for this one! You can create some fun, bold looks with this just use a smaller brush and take your time. This is true for any colorful shadows though.

I didn’t have issues with any of the shades. The mattes all worked well in terms of blending/pay off and the shimmers are all beautiful and creamy…none of them were overly chunky!!!

After Hours

I fell like this is a lovely little berry themed palette. The shimmers are extremely soft and need a flat brush/some setting spray to get the full impact, but the same is true for most shimmer shadows these days. The mattes shades are soft as well and have great pay off, but there is fallout like the other palettes and can get a little messy.

The cream shade was the only major let down. It didn’t show up well on me and lacked the pigmentation of the others. It also felt a bit drier which made blending out the other shades a tad difficult and slightly patchy. 

It’s a nice palette, but recommend using a different cream shade which means taking out another palette or single shadow. 

Showing the difference between using and not using a primer with these palettes. Please check my Huda review for similar swatches!!!

The Huda Test!!!!


Are they dupes!?!?!?

I know that is what you really want to know and the answer is…..YES!!! I mean not 100%, but they are close and you will get very similar looks using them….trust me I tested one on each eye and wore that out of the house!!

So, they are both pretty much the same in terms of looks, but quality is different for some shadows. Huda’s shimmer shadows are creamy and create a more foil look, whereas the Bad Habit’s are just soft shimmer shadows but are capable of looking foiled when you use a flat bush and spritz with setting spray or water. Huda’s lightest shimmer is useless though. You have to apply with a finger because it will not pick up with a brush.

Huda’s cream/bone colored shadow is one of favorites from any brand. It is so creamy and you can actually see it even on my pale skin. It really makes all the other shadows blend beautifully! The same isn’t true for the Bad Habit one, it is powdery and you have to spend longer blending other shadows when using this or they can look patchy. Now when I used the Huda cream shade with the Bad Habit shadows everything turned out fine and the looks were identical!!

When it comes to the darker matte shades both palettes were similar. They had identical color payoff, formulas were soft with fallout, and primer really helped!!! I always thought the Huda shadows were over hyped and felt like $15 was a better price, so it makes sense to me why these two perform so similar.

Side by Side Comparisons.

I hope this helps you make a wise purchase and that’s really what I strive for with these reviews! So if you found this useful please follow my Blog and Instagram, also hit those share buttons!! 

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Love the review and those swatches!


  2. sugarkis87 says:

    Thank you so much!!! It’s been a minute since my last review and felt a little rusty!!!!❤️❤️❤️


  3. Liz says:

    Wow great review, thanks! How long did the eyeshadow last on the Bad Habits?


    1. sugarkis87 says:

      The shadows lasted all day on me!!! I do use a concealer/primer underneath but do that will all shadows.


      1. Liz says:

        Thanks for the answer!


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