PUR Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches.


Who’s ready for a little Shadow Palette PUR-fection?!?!

Listen up neutral lovers…this baby is freaking amazing!! I can’t really convey through a blog post how beautiful these shadows are.

The first time going into this palette I wasn’t really expecting much…honestly only bought this because there was 30% off sale going on. Let’s be real, I have a drawer full of neautral shades and am a bit burnt out on palettes. So the fact that these 12 extremely neutral shadows had been my go to for nearly 2 months, speaks volumes on their performance and quality!

These shadows just work so well. They blend seamlessly, have great pigmentation, last throughout the day with minimal creasing on my hooded eyes, and can be worn softly or built up for impact.

Day one of play we went smokey, not intend but that was where the great shadow road took us! Originally planned on a nice soft day time look until I realized how amazing the blendabilty was on these shadows. Next thing I know, every shade was on my eyes and was having some serious Early-2000-Dramatic-EMO flashbacks…but way more sophisticated. 

Honestly, I don’t know what more to say because they just work! I love that you can use this for a 100% stand alone eye look…not every neutral palette has this function! This has actually been my go-to when it comes to pairing with vivid single shadows. I have really been enjoying the freedom of just picking a few fun shades to step outside the comfort zone, but still having this as my safety net! 

Trust me, this is a great piece and I would buy it again at full price any day of the week!!


Soiree Diaries ($34): Top Row swatches in Private Party, Socialite, Gala, and Mogul.


Middle Row swatches in Splurge, Stunner, Snazzy, and Epic.IMG_1263

Bottom Row swatches in Glitzy, Twinkle, Dazzle and Cosmo.IMG_1264

I hope this helps you make a wise purchase and that’s really what I strive for with these reviews! So if you found this useful please follow my Blog and Instagram, also hit those share buttons!!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. soreiya says:

    So pretty! I especially love the bottom row!


  2. These shadows look gorgeous especially the metallics! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, would love it if you could take a look at my post and take part! https://stephaniegracealt.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/the-sunshine-blogger-award/


  3. Siyana says:

    The palette is so stunning, I love the browny shades and those shimmers!


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