MAC Strobe Cream vs Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream!!!

Alright my lovelies, if you read my TAM Beauty Haul then you knew this review was coming!! What you weren’t aware of is the fact that I went ahead and bought the MAC Strobe Cream because I am a beauty blogger and it’s my job to be thorough!! Not really, I get paid nothing for this and it’s really just a labor of love because I want you to make wise decisions when purchasing beauty products!!

Enough mindless babble, it’s time to compare!!

IMG_6291MAC (left $33 in Goldlite) and Makeup Revolution (right $14)


They are similar in terms of being a strobing cream, both offer a beautiful golden glow to the skin and have equal intensity once blended out. The impressive part is that you are able to notice the glow from both creams even after applying foundation and other face products. Some illumining creams can become masked by products, but these delicately shone through! 

Now, these two products look the same but do not feel the same. MAC does have a thinner consistency versus Makeup Revolution, so was a bit easier to apply and felt lighter on the face. MAC’s strobe cream offers more than just illumination, it has ingredients that give your skin some hydration and softness. I enjoy this cream more because my skin is dry/dull, so the added benefits really do make a difference for my face.

Of course the Makeup Revolution Strobe Cream can be mixed in with your primer or face lotion and the results will pretty much be identical. Trust me, I tested them both separately and also used one on either side of my face for true side by side comparison and only noticed a difference when using them without a primer.

Final Thoughts

 MAC performs more like an illumining primer, while Makeup Revolution is simply an illuminator and that’s really all there is to it!!

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