Lorac Pro Contour vs Freedom Pro Strobe Palette!!

Where do I even begin!?!

Before we start I just need to say that Lorac’s contour is my favorite of all time and I have tried many a contour palette!! With that said, the Freedom one is really good!

Let’s get into the fun stuff!!


The pans in Lorac are bigger which is great, but the packaging is cardboard where as the Freedom palette is plastic with the insert being foam, so it’s nice and sturdy! The powders in both palettes are smooth and blend wonderfully, but Lorac’s formula is softer.

I am going to side rail for a bit and do a quick Lorac review. The pigmentation is intense on this palette, once you lay down a color it’s there to stay. You can blend it out, but it’s not the kind of powder that just blends into nothing. I am pale and have to use a light hand with a fluffy brush because this palette will take me to the dark side!

Now with that in mind, the Freedom powders aren’t nearly as pigmented and can become sheer with over-blending, but are capable of being built up. So they perform better on my light skin versus the Lorac palette.

Lorac (left $45) and Freedom (right $18): Both include beige, yellow, and shimmering white highlighters along with light, medium, and dark contour powders. You can see in the photos that Lorac really outshines in the pigmentation department!! Sorry for the dirty palettes, but at least you know I am using them!!

Final Thoughts

Freedom’s powders are less intense which makes them more user-friendly, but Lorac’s intensity means that they can be used by a larger audience. The fact that both have cool toned contouring powders makes me so happy, if you have read any of my contouring reviews then you are aware of the muddy, warm toned palettes that have tormented my face!!

I honestly like them both, but do find myself reaching for Freedom more especially for those natural contour days!

Thank you so much for reading my post and hope you enjoyed the haul!! I will be doing full reviews and swatches in the coming weeks, so make sure to follow my blog or Instagram page for updates/notifications!

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