Too Faced Holiday 2016 Review: Grande Hotel Cafe, Chocolate Chips & more.

fullsizerenderOh Too faced, where do I begin?!

I have loved Too Faced for many years and will continue to buy their products, but they do come out with some sub par launches!

I wasn’t going to make a review for the Grande Hotel Cafe until I got the Chocolate Chips in the mail and instantly knew these products needed to be discussed, because they are extreme let downs.

The Limited Edition Grande Hotel Cafe

I bought this in mid September from Too Faced’s website the day it launched for $49 and luckily it currently isn’t available anywhere.

The set includes a trial size Better than Sex Mascara, three palettes and each one contains 6 shadows and one blush/bronzer. Each palette is supposed to have a unique scent, but they were all rather faint and honestly just had a slight sweetness to them.

The Grande Palettes

img_2456Egg Nog Latte: Frosty Nog, Eggnog Latte*, Iced Coffee*, Skinny Latte, Cold Brew*, & Central Perk*. Blush: Cobbler.

img_2459Gingerbread Cookie: Ginger Cream, Maple Syrup, Gingersnap*, Winter Dream*, Cup of Joe*, & Black Coffee. Blush/Bronzer: Gingerbread.

img_2457Peppermint Mocha: Peppermint Cream, Christmas Blend*, Peppermint Mocha*, Candy Cane, Sprinkles*, & Coffee Chip*. Blush: Santa Baby.

* Indicate shadows with glitter.


The blushes are lovely and 5 out of the 18 shadows performed well, the others were either glitter bombs or lacked pigmentation. Cold Brew was a scratchy matte with chunks of glitter and Eggnog Latte, Gingersnap, and Winter Dream were just pressed glitter that had to be layered on and then crumbled off after a few hours. Black coffee, Ginger Cream, Maple Syrup, Skinny Latte, Sprinkles, and Candy Cane had next to no pigmentation regardless of the primer used. Please note that these swatches are done with my fingers and don’t have the same payoff when used with a brush!

Final Thoughts

It’s not worth $50 and I have spent the last 3 months glaring at it’s deceptively cute packaging. I only kept this for review purposes and a sad reminder to stay away from holiday releases.

The Limited Edition Chocolate Chips!!

Please don’t buy these! I purchased the Matte Chocolate Chip From Too Faced’s website on 11/25 and the White Chocolate Chip from Sephora’s website on 11/27. They each retail for $26, contain 11 shadows, and are currently out of stock but both should be back in mid December.

img_2461Matte Chocolate Chip: White Chocolate, Matte Gilded Ganache, Triple Fudge, Matte Marzipan, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Matte Candied Violet, Matte Hazelnut, Matte Creme Brûlée, Matte Cherry Cordial, and Matte Champagne Truffel.

img_2462White Chocolate Chip: Glaze, Ambrosia, Exotica*, Pearl Candy*, Raspberry Rose*, Indulge*, Guilt-Free, Cake Batter, Cookie Dough*, Sugared Raisin*, and Black Sugar*. 

* Indicates shadows with shimmer.


The Matte Chip lacks any type of depth, shadows are patchy/dry, require excessive blending, and shades look similar once applied on the eyes.

The White Chip is extremely powdery, shadows wears off quickly even with primer, shimmer shades look similar once applied to the eye, and shadows lack pigmentation.

Final Thoughts

These two palettes are cute, but eyeshadows aren’t meant to just look good in an Instagram photo taken by some beauty guru who either hasn’t used them or won’t give a bad review for fear of missing out on PR. These tiny palettes are worthless.


Naughty Kisses & Sweet Cheeks:

img_2460Comes with 3 blushes (Crazy in Love, Baby Love, & Dream Lover *Pictured Above*) and 3 Glossy Lip Injections (Original, Milkshake, & Like a Boss *Not Shown*). I love their blushes, they have a beautiful satin finish and add a healthy glow to the cheeks. There was a slight plumpness to my lips using the glosses but overall felt they were slightly gimmicky and not worth paying $36 for the set. I recommend buying the blushes in another kit and they have various ones on sale throughout the year. This trio is still available on Too Faced’s, Sephora’s, and Ulta’s websites.

Limited Edition Melted Matte in Candy Cane:

img_2138Yes, yes, yes!!!! I love this liquid matte lipstick in ways that can’t even written! It is a beautiful pink, red and looks so amazing on the lips! It even smells and taste like peppermint chocolate! There is transfer with this formula, but it is so comfortable during the winter months and gives a nice stain to lips even after wearing off. It is $21 and available on Too Faced’s  and Sephora’s websites.

I hope this was helpful and sorry if this came off negative, I am just really passionate about makeup.





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  1. carmen Valentin says:

    Love Too Faced I already buy the Chocolate Bar and Peach one the most I love from this brand cruelty free..Think I will do my collection..
    Follow you IG..Greemearthleaf also susctibe here..


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