Lorac PRO Conceal/Contour Palette and Brush Review

Oh Lorac, how I love thee!!


If you follow me on Instagram, then my obsession with this company shouldn’t come as shock. My first purchase was their Take Me to TANtego Bronzer palette back in June and I now own 20+ products from them.

Lorac does already have foundation, CC Creams, concealers, powders, bronzers, highlighters, and contours in their line but this is their first all in one cream palette. Just keep this in mind as we go through the review!!

Ok, let’s get into their latest launch!!

This little beauty contains 8 cream conceal/contour, 4 cream shimmer highlight shades, double ended pro conceal/contour brush, and an instruction booklet. It retails for $45 on both Lorac’s and Ulta’s websites.

Top row contains shades C1 Light, C2 Light Yellow, C3 Medium Yellow and C4 Peach


Middle row contains C5 Medium Beige, C6 Warm Bronze, C7 Taupe Brown and C8 Deep


Bottom row contains H1 Light Shimmer, H2 Yellow Shimmer, H3 Peach Shimmer and H4 Bronze Shimmer


What is really interesting and shows true genius on their part is that each row has a completely different texture. The concealers are a thicker cream, the contours are more oil based, and the highligters are silky. It’s comforting to know that a makeup company understands and takes these little details into consideration before releasing a new product.


The Concealers: They are thicker and were easy to blend, held well on oily areas but did cling to a few dry spots, so make sure to moisturize! They did cover the darker spots and under eye circles, but not great for redness.

The Contours: Their texture was amazing and blended out to well! Even being fair, I was able to get a subtle contour and then used C7 with the smallest amount of C8 to get a bit more dramatic look when paired with their Pro Contour Palette.

The Highlighters: These feel so amazing and smooth!! They offer a beautiful natural glow and even showed up on my fair skin, which not all highlighters do!

Is this palette right for you? Is this something everyone needs in their makeup collection? 

When it comes to any makeup product, it truly depends on the person’s needs. If you prefer or are in the market for a cream face palette, then yes this is for you! If you just like using simple, quick makeup then this isn’t for you. This palette does require time to blend and mix, so it’s not for the average makeup user, but it is extremely user-friendly and trust me I am no pro!

Final thoughts

Lorac makes great products and this is a palette that fills a void in their makeup line. The performance and quality are right on par with the brand. This is perfect for natural looks!


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