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NYX Cleansing Salt Scrub Review

My love of salt is borderline abysmal, like it puts the depths of Challenger Deep to shame. I need salt in my food, hair products, body scrub, on my margarita glass, and now NYX has given me a briny little face scrub!!! I consider myself a mermaid, not for beauty reasons but because I am so freaking salty!!!… Continue reading NYX Cleansing Salt Scrub Review

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NYX New Makeup Sponge and Palettes; Review & Swatches.

I am cutting right to the chase and letting you know I love all three of these products so we are getting straight to swatches!! Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette: No Shade Names Lid Lingerie Eyeshadow Palettes: No Shade Names Flawless Finish Sponge Dry & Wet Review Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette ($10): I can't stop wearing this… Continue reading NYX New Makeup Sponge and Palettes; Review & Swatches.