Tarte Maneater Palette: Review & Swatches.

Well I was on Ulta.com a few weeks ago, saw this little Maneater Palette, and the rest is history!!

Let’s devour this Maneater!!

Maneater Palette: Lace*, Meow, Passion, Foxy*, Purr, Saucy, Hypnotic*, and Midnight.

*Indicates shimmer shades. 


Maneater Palette ($29): First off, the packaging beautiful and sturdy, plus it has a mirror! This warm toned palette comes with 7 shadows (5 mattes and 2 metallics), one face highlight (pearl with iridescent glitter), and has a really sweet kind of fake chocolate smell. All the shadows have great pigmentation and blend well, however Meow, Passion, and Purr do have a bit of kick up so make sure to tap those brushes. All the shadows wore extremely well without a primer but there was some slight fading and creasing by the end of the day due to my hooded eyes, so I do recommend using a one. Foxy and Hypnotic are beauty dry, but really add that wow factor when foiled.

Lace, the highlighter, has a soft creamy, peach color in the pan and when finger swatched, but is a frosty white when applied to the face and does have a lot of glitter! If you love those Bam! on your face highlighters, then this is for you. It adds a beautiful glow on the cheeks but if you try to lightly dust this on the nose, cupid bow, or forehead all that really shows up is the glitter, so you need to layer it on and then you start to resemble an ice queen!

Final Thoughts

This palette is beautiful and has great quality, although I think the Lace serves me better as an eyeshadow rather than a highlighter! The shadows are lovely but really neutral and warm toned, so if you already have neutral palettes or prefer cool tones then save your money. If you are in need of a neutral, warm toned or traveling palette then shop away my dears!!!

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5 Comments Add yours

    1. sugarkis87 says:

      It is a mighty little thing!!!


  1. diiblogs says:

    This palette is beautiful! It looks like the ultimate everyday palette.


    1. sugarkis87 says:

      It is a great palette and the quality is amazing!

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